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Spagyric Tincture Formulation of: Bugleweed, Calamus, Borage, Birds of Paradise Flower Essence, Licorice, Fennel, Orange Peel, Mallow and Clematis Flower.

This blend is intended to enhance vocal art and communicative processes such as singing, rhyming, rapping, poetic writing, writing in general and even beatboxing.
It contains herbs that physically, emotionally and spiritually enhance the creative communicative process.
-Calamus: AKA ‘Vacha’ meaning to speak the divine. Said to help heal all and any kind of trauma around the vocal chords and communication in general.
-Bugleweed: Helps to bring the rhythm of speech and song into a natural one.
-Fennel: Invigorates the breath, lubricates the vocal chords.
-Orange peel: Breaks up hard masses like stuck phlegm. Gets the creative juices flowing.
-Clematis flower: Incredibly relaxing and lengthening for the vagus nerve, which helps to open up the front of the body to breath fuller and express with greater ease.
-Birds of paradise flower essence: Connects the creative centers of the body in a dynamic way.
-Borage: A nerve system relaxant, lubricating for the lungs, creates greater self-confidence.  
-Mallow: Its’ blue flowers denote enhanced communicative capacity, helps the creative rivers to flow.

Vocal Expression Blend


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