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Custom Blends

We realise that everyone's beings and lives are so unique. This is why we offer custom blends based upon either your unique request(s), or consultation interview, making use of a wide range of alchemically prepared herbal medicines to fulfil each individual need. 

Your choice

You can send in (via email, or the contact page) pre-determined formulas that you have designed, and we will access our substantial apothecary to concoct those formulas. Email:
To begin this order process go here:

If you have received a consult please use this page to pay for it along with your custom formula:



If you aren't sure about what herbs may aid in the evolution and maintenance of your health, then we would love to guide and assist you in this journey. Please get in touch via the contact page, or by heading to this product page to arrange an interview/consultation that can be conducted online (via zoom or skype), over the phone, or via email questionnaire.  We at Soul Garden Medicines predominantly use the Western Physiomedicalist  Six Tissue State model, blended with some Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge to create the most effective herbal bridge between your current state of health and the state of health you're wishing to be in. 

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