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General Q and A:

How come the doses are so much less than normal tincture doses?
This is so for a few reasons, one being: The creation of what are called ‘pro-drugs’ via the alchemical process – see ‘Spagryics How and Why’ for more info on this.
Second: As spagyric medicines are crafted according to astrological timings, certain frequencies within the plant are enhanced and potentiated during the process, this is like taking the plant back to the tutelage, or parental care of the planet from which it came – it grows smarter, deeper, and more powerful in its healing abilities.
Third: During certain parts of the alchemical process the medicine is exposed to capture the ‘secret fire’ held in the atmosphere (this is Nitrogen) which bonds to the plant salts and increases their bio-reactivity. It is also circulated, so as to capture ambient astrological months over the period of a philosophical month (40 days).

What is the rough cost per day of consuming a spagyric?
Let’s do the math:

20 drops in 1ml, 15ml in a 15ml (middle size) bottle, total drops = 300
Average cost of a 15ml bottle is A$32.50.
Cost per drop = $32.50/300 = 10.8c per drop
Average dose per day = 12 drops
Average cost per day = 12drops x 10.8c = $1.29 per day (a similar cost to most quality medicines and supplements).

*Please note that one of the fundamental drivers and benefits of the spagyric making process is its sustainability – see ‘Spagryics How and Why’ – thus one can also consume the medicines with the same approach. Sometimes just 5 drops will help someone have a solid night’s sleep to wake up refreshed the next day, or restart a full and healthy bleed for a woman whos’ menstruation has been abnormal.  

How long will a bottle of medicine last?
One often find that they do not need to take a spagyric every day, just as you don’t need to see a friend every day…. But if you do wish to take every day, here’s the math for a high average dose of 10-12 drops per day.

  • 5ml bottle: 100 drops / 10 - 12 drops per day = 8 – 10 days (good if you want to alchemise a certain sticking point within you).


  • 15ml bottle: 300 drops / 10 - 12 drops per day = 25 – 30 days (great for aiding dedication to and enhancing certain practices; as an adjunct to a detox; potentially necessary for expelling toxins, worms, parasites etc; addressing a long held emotional, spiritual or physical imbalance, and more…)


  • 30ml bottle: 600 drops / 10 – 12 drops per day = 50 – 60 days (A useful quantity of medicine to have if you really want to bond with that plant, do some deep healing, or really enhance a certain aspect of your life!).

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