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Face to Face or Online

I offer consultation services in whatever way works best for you, they can be face to face in my apothecary, or at your place, they can be via skype/zoom or even via a phone call. Clients of Soul Garden Medicines are located all over, from Perth, to the Eastern States, even in India!

Face to Face advantages

You may like to consider face to face consultation as it will allow for your pulses and tongue to be checked. With that said, online consultations continue to prove to be accurate.  

Diagnosis Models

Your state of health, and health desires will be queried, considered and interpreted via multiple evaluation models, including: Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the Western Physiomedicalist '6 Tissue States' model. Natural medicines from inside and outside our range will then be offered and recommended accordingly - with smaller trial bottles often given.

More than just herbs

Health occours on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and is determined by many factors... so, in your consultation we will look at your health holistically, as a representation of your life's story up to that point. We will also consider things like diet, rest, lifestyle habits, relationship dynamics, passions, hobbies and more... all these things affect health, and herbs can affect all those things!

Timing and cost

Consultations typically last 1 hour, at a cost of $85 for the hour. In cases where one's state of health is complex and the issues large more time may be necessary at a rate of $15 for every quarter hour.  
Note that your case may need special attention and further research outside of the consultation - which you are not charged for. 

Feeling called to deepen, expand and improve your health? 

You can get in touch via the contact box below, or reach out via emailing:

or you can call or message on: 0419929973. 
For online purchase of consultations, click this link:


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