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Via this page you may purchase a custom formula, which will be a blend of 2-9 herbs based on your specific health needs. You may simply email us with your desired blend of herbs at , if you already have a desired blend in mind. Please email us with that blend, and your details, then select bottle size and pay through the product options available on this page. 

You can use this same email ( or our contact page to request and organise a in person, online or phone interview to discuss your state of health and the ways in which you would like to evolve it. 
These interviews typically take 1 hour @ AUD$60 for the hour, every 10 minutes more comes at AUD$10. You will be billed via a Paypal request or direct bank transfer (instructions will be given via email communications). Custom formula costs for the resultant blend are the same as listed on this pages product options.

Custom Formula


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