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Astral Breathwork 
Combinatinon Spagyric Tincture for enhanced visionary states during breathwork or whilst in the dream state. 
Planetary Rulers: Moon and to a lesser extent Venus, Mercury and the Sun

French Lavender (provides much astral clarity, incredibly refreshing for the breath).
Passionflower (an Maoi that carries lots of Christ consciousness, visionary all on its own improves sleep quality, relaxes nerves to allow body wide energetic expansion)
Lotus flower (hypnotic, contains alkaloids nuckferine and apomorphine which can keep 5HT and dopamine in the system for longer)
ENS of lotus flower (all Ens medicines have significant effect on the astral body, an Ens of Lotus Flower is thus perfect for a dreamy, visionary breathwork mix)
Sun opener (Healing for the eyes, opens the minds eye)
Lemon Balm (Improves sleep quality, helps navigate emotions of the dream realm)
Shattavari (aka the dream flying herb, adds warmth and moistening properties to an otherwise cooling and drying formula). 
Sun opener flower essence (Healing for the eyes, opens the minds eye)

-Bee product allergies: Some elements of this blend were prepared with a mead tincture, which enhances the floral notes.. 
-Not to be taken with SSRI's. 
-May interact with some antidepressants. 
-May potentiate some anti-diabetic medications and thus excessively thin blood. 

Astral Breathwork