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Lycopaeus Europea
1:5 Ethanol/Distilled H2O Spagyric tincture of bugleweed aerial parts – with plant salts added.
Planetary ruler: Mercury.

Physical Effects:
Buglweed is a nervine and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) herb that can decrease tension in the body, and regulate stress response through its effect on the endocrine system. Whilst it is a sedative that has been used for insomnia and ‘morbid wakefulness’, bugleweed can still be used during waking hours to promote clarity and focus – where a lack of focus is being caused by nervousness/excitability. This is herb is widely used for controlling hyperthyroid, having been shown to reduces the weight of the thyroid, decrease thyroid hormone activity (T3, T4, TSH and LH hormones),  increase iodine absorption and storage, reduce elevated heartrates. In these models goiter f