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German Chamomile
1:6 Brandied Spagyric Tincture of dried organic Matricaria recutita flowers , with purified salt principle added. 
Note: A dash of organic honey mead was added to this tincture to bring out the Solar and floral notes. 

Planetary ruler: Sun 

Physical Properties*:
Chamomile is most likely the most widely known and safest relaxing nervine, sleep-aid used in the Western World. It’s gentle yet firm actions make it suitable for all kind of constitutions, from the bed ridden melancholic to the eternally busy mother of four; and for all ages, being suitable teething infants, anxious children or elderly folk suffering from life-thinned nerves and restless sleeps. Also famed as an ‘after dinner tea,’ the high concentration of essential oils found within the herb enable it to act powerfully on the digestive system, having a relaxing yet tonifying effect, aiding in bile production, eliminating gas, relieving indigestion, calming inflammations such as gastritis, reducing colic, and ameliorating ulcers. Nervousness often causes many of the digestive issues that Chamomile can remedy, though it’s soothing effects reach far beyond the stomach. Chamomile tones the nervous system and is an antispasmodic that relaxes the peripheral nerves and muscles, it is considered anodyne (pain relieving) by this same gesture, in unison with its anti-inflammatory constituents. Chamomile also holds antibacterial properties that work well with its antispasmodic ones, being useful in herbal protocols aimed at curing all colds, though it can be particularly useful where there are damp tickly coughs that keep one from fully relaxing at night-time. Its antibacterial properties combine also with anticatarrhal constituents to eliminate excessive mucous from the sinuses. Warming diaphoretic properties contribute to this plant helping to ‘break’ fevers – the aforementioned antibacterial and anticatarrhal properties thence continuing to eliminate illness from the body.

Emotional/Spiritual Properties:
Ah, we are here, at long last, the end of the day… not that we need to slump into a slumber that is an escape from this days pains, nor will it begrudge the dawn upon waking. Nay, for Chamomile ensures that we digest the days works and plays with hearty appreciation, with cheer and smile we sit by the fire and appreciate how both the highs and the lows are full of meaningful meaning… our bodies reclining into a state of acceptance that is deeply resourcing, characteristic of Sun herbs and their steady warmth. As with other sun herbs, Chamomile illuminates our purpose in a way that doesn’t feel daunting, rather it feels inviting, and we being to revolve around our Earth mission with ease, just as the planets turn about Sun itself. Chamomile is a great simplifier, it embraces us with a smile that reflects to us our wholeness in the moment, our complete adequacy to do what we need to do… and so with our friend Chamomile at our side we release so many of our needless worries that come from comparison, or harsh judgement of self and others, thus, we draw ourselves back in to our body and reside there in clear minded peace. Here, here is where we are and ‘here, here’ is how we toast the present moment with Chamomile!