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Dong Quai
Angelica sinensis  
1:4 Ethanol/Distilled H2O Spagyric Tincture of A. sinensis roots – plant salts added.
Planetary ruler: Venus

Physical Properties*:
Chinese herbal medicine has many uses for Angelica sinensis, though it’s most prominent uses are blood building and replenishment for both men and women; the treatment of menstrual issues, and other women’s diseases. The roots of Dong Quai are well known to be antioxidant; immunoregulatory; anti-cancer; radioprotective (protected leucocytes and lymphocytes of mice in animal studies); hematopoietic (aids the formation of blood and blood cells – raising haemoglobin levels); neuroprotective (has been shown to reduce occourence of amyloid beta, that is found forming plaques on the brains of Alz