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Crataegus monogyna
1:3 Ethanol/Brandy/Distilled H2O of dried wildcrafted Hawthorn berries, with purified salt principle added.
Planetary Ruler: Mars 

Physical Properties:
A premium remedy for most cardiovascular disease, with the ability to improve coronary circulation via their dilation thus relieving cardiac hypoxemia, reducing the likelihood and severity of angina. The herb increases the activity, nourishment and contractility of the cardiac muscle. Some cardiac tonics that contain glycosides which impact the contractile fibres, Hawthorn acts differently in that it  assists with the availability and utilisation of energy, which gently strengthens a heart that may have weakened or degenerated through heartbreak, age, or simply lack of use! Hawthorns can also be used for the following cardiac issues: Angina pectoris, essential hypertension, recovery from myocardial infraction, essential hypertension. Crataegus species are antispasmodic, cardiac, diuretic, sedative, tonics and vasodilators.


Emotional/Spiritual properties:
Hawthorn can be felt to be the herbal arms of a wise warrior who draws in to themselves the feelings of courage, calm and determination to recover from feelings of loss that have caused a disheartening. The warrior, upon consuming hawthorn, is resurrected to proceed along the hearts path, enabling forgiveness of those past ‘enemies’ who have wounded the heart, releasing anger around that wronging to then continue along the path of the present with greater luminosity and heartiness. It is a herb that offers us protection and shelter whilst we recalibrate our beings after situations that have caused feelings of loss, grief, sorrow or heartbreak; slowly bolstering the heart and alchemising the pain to birth us resolved, deepened and invigorated from that cocoon! Hawthorn aids us to lead ourselves and others from the heart, by strengthening its pulses, its emanations with which it speaks to our mind, and to others… when we make decisions from a place of greater love, we act from symbiosis, enabling greater care for all resources of self, others and the whole.


Hawthorn’s vasodilative ability can cause blood pressure to drop by releasing the squeeze of one’s arteries, thus if you suffer from low blood pressure or are taking medication for high blood pressure proceed with caution.
Hawthorn has potentiated coronary artery dilation caused by theophylline, caffeine, papaverine, sodium nitrate, adenosine and epinephrine. However, the ESCOP monograph on Hawthorn does not list any significant interactions with these substances.
Those with Ulcers, Colitis or excess heat should use a limited dose and proceed with caution.