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An infused oil of fresh Jasmine, using almond and coconut oil. 
Planetary Ruler: Moon
Can be used for massage, or as a base for other healing products. 

Physical properties (not all may occour when used externally):
Jasmine flowers are used in traditional Chinese medicine to regulate ‘qi’ and calm the spirit, being used to reduce the intensity of mood swings, insomnia irritability, depression, PMS, menopausal symptoms, breast swelling and digestive disorders such as bloating, and belching. Jasmine flowers are a gentle sweet and warm tonic, holding the ability to balance yin and yang, slowing down acute reactions in the body (inflammatory responses, allergies, nausea), and detoxify the body. It enters the spleen, stomach and liver meridians, where it aids in: blood creation, tonifying and cooling (if too hot); digestion of food and fluids; regulation of metabolism; and the healing of hepatitis.  It is gastroprotective being able to heal toxic sores and is considered sedative, analgesic and aphrodisiac - aiding in the production of sperm and balancing of hormones in both men and women. Other ailments jasmine can address include: Cancer, fever, cold, phlegm, immune-dysfunction, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea (painful or absent periods), low-breastmilk flow, low-libido, gallstones, brain-fog, stress, insomnia, slow-wound healing, constipation, diarrhea,  colitis, sore eyes, aches and pains, inflamed kidneys, shortness of breath and poor cardiovascular health.


Emotional/Spiritual Properties:
Many moon herbs are the kind of plants to promote restfulness, or a quiet, contented and focussed mind, yet there are a few that imbue one with a kind of softness that can be…arousing. Known in India as ‘moonlight of the grove’, Jasmine carries with it a subtle but persistent mythos of surrendering to what feels most luscious, not necessarily in a raucous or primal way, but in a deeply serene, heavenly way. Jasmine is the kind of herb that encourages long gazes into a lovers eyes, or if lying there by one’s self, feeling just how interconnected one’s blessed temple of a body is to all of existence, it brings us in to the fact that these human bodies are instruments of ecstasy connected to all of the divine. Jasmine encourages us to uphold the sacredness of life, of others in all moments big and small, and it brings relating and love making in to heavenly states. This herb is a goddess send for those who tend towards living outside of their true desires, pushing their body too hard (due to compensatory desires), or those who have experienced trauma that caused a level of disembodiment… Jasmine will wrap its beautifully benevolent arms around you and call you back into witnessing and upholding what your body really needs, and what it really is – something divine.

Jasmine Infused Almond and Coconut Oil