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Leaky Gut Tone & Repair

A Spagyric Tincture Formula of: Yarrow, Gotu Kola, Plantain, Calendula and Mulberry Leaf

This formula will aid in the repair of the linings and tissues of the digestive tract. Yarrow leads the way, being a time tested ‘battle herb’ used to repair all kinds of external cuts, abrasions and incisions, from chain saw cuts to rose pricks… leaky gut is essentially weakness and subsequent tears in the ‘inner skin’ of the digestive tract. Yarrow brings its binding and wound healing ability to this inner skin to strengthen the tissue and bind the micro-incisions – it is also said to resolve the emotional causes of leaky gut (pour boundaries). Gotu Kola is one of the best musculoskeletal repair herbs around, being able to increase collagen production as well as acting to tonify and tone the lax tissue state that is leaky gut. Plantain is another time tested wound healing herb, it has astringency like gotu kola, that helps to bind and tonify weak tissue in damp conditions (such as the gut environment). Calendula helps to dry out dampness in the body, move the lymph and increase strength over time; 80% of lymph tissue can be found in the gut (the small intestine to be specific), calendula helps to tonify this lymph tissue enhancing its intelligence, and structural ability to contain what should be contained and allow through what should be allowed through. Mulberry leaf also has astringent properties that tighten blood vessels and cells, including the cells of the gut… its blood purifying abilties are also useful in Leaky Gut scenarios as many of the symptoms such as brain fog and low energy are arising from otherwise useful or benign molecules being in the wrong place – Mulberry leaf will help to clean up these misplaced molecules.


Recommended dose: 30 drops 3 times a day in a few sips (25-50ml) of room temperature water.
You may want to purchase our leaky gut healing tea to accompany this formula, to enable more potent results.

Leaky Gut Repair & Tone