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Lung Power and Liberation:

Elecampane, Mullein, Fennel, Lavender, Licorice, Elderberry, Schisandra, Astragalus & an Essence of Tobacco

This formula is designed to very proactively scour the lungs of burdensome physical and metaphysical matter that is restricting their function. Its primary herb is elecampane which is a very invigorating lung herb, that can be used in both acute and chronic forms of lower respiratory tract congestion. Mullein, lavender, elderberry and shisandra all help to break apart thickened mucous or catarrh. Whilst fennel, lavender and the elecampane will help to volatilize and push up and out that mucous. Astragalus, and licorice help to gradually build up the underlying vital force of the lungs. The Tobacco is an essence and does therefore not contain the array of tobacco compounds that a normal tincture would, or a cigarette for that matter… what it does add is a powerful psychological anchor that helps one to ease any dependency one may have on tobacco, and it acts to clear grief (the emotion of the lungs).

Lung Power & Liberation