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St John’s Wort

Hypericum perforatum

1:3 Ethanol/Brandy/Distilled H2O Spagryic Tincture of organic dried St John’s Wort , with purified salt principle added.
Planetary Influence: Sun 

Physical Properties:
The holy healer for all pains sharp and stabbing… St John’s is indicated for wounds located in nerve dense or sensitive areas such as fingers or the knees and elbows, being applicable when part of the body has been severed, impaled, or crushed, it can reduces the pain, helps the wound close, then aids in the repair of nerves in the area. It has been reported that Hypericum also prevents tetanus from setting in, and can even reverse the effects when it has. The herb is also a potent remedy where nerves have become inflamed and the inflammation is running along the nerves, occouring through such things arduous physical activity, the nerve being pinched, or tension and inflexibility in that area of the body – i.e sciatic pain. Like many Sun herbs St John’s can restore overall vitality after significant injuries or illness, it releases tension in the body associated with trauma -including surgery traumas, tonifies digestion, decongests the liver, the increases assimilation of food and can act as a gentle tissue and lymph cleanser where stronger cleansing herbs are too demanding for those who are drained and ailment weary. The herb reduces intestinal inflammation and helps the small intestine absorb food more effectively. Other effects and uses include: reducing liver tension; improving blood circulation; strengthening the gallbladder; removal of catarrh from the digestive system; easing kidney and sacral pain; resolving menstrual issues; toning the bladder to cure incontinence and bed-wetting; treating influenza; and healing the sacral area after birth.

Emotional/Spiritual Properties:
A potent remedy for those experiencing fear, anxiety, and any other emotional tensions and interpersonal dynamics that are draining one’s vitality, confidence and resolve. St John is the warm-hearted fatherly figure who finds one after or during a harrowing, traumatising experience, takes you by the shoulders, looks you in the eyes with to reflect to you that all will be well in the end, gives you a big hug, then explains the way forward. St John’s is a powerful antidepressant, that helps one to shake off self-eroding and self-defeating thoughts. The plant is also incredibly protective, having a long historical use of protection from many kinds of ill-intended spells, thoughts, demons and ghosts. It also helps to clarify the mind of those who are having unfounded paranoid, or fearing thoughts, the luminous energy of the Sun piercing outwards from the depths of one’s perception, then shooting beams of golden light into all of one’s reality. When interpersonal conflict and disagreement has occurred it enables one to find a position of grace and understanding for the other, whilst still maintaining healthy boundaries and e