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Spagyric Tincture Formulation of:
Sun Opener flower essence, Lemon Peel, Calendula, Linden, Lotus Flower and Goji Berry.

This blend is intended to enhance visual art creative processe like painting, drawing, sketching, even sewing and woodworking. The herbs herein have been chosen because they either orientate ones physical state to greater artstic skill through higher visual acuity, and/or because they invoke the visionary state.

-Sun Opener flower essence: Directly improves visual acuity.
-Lemon Peel: Sharpens eyesight through high amounts of vitamins and flavonoids, whilst the sour flavour brings a puckering/sharpening quality to the being in general.
-Calendula: High amounts of beta-carotene which directly improve eye health. Their relation to sunflowers seems appropriate for an art blend.
-Lotus flower: Enables a more trance like, visionary state.
-Goji: Invigorates and invokes the creative juices to flow body wide, physically and spiritually.
-Linden: Relaxes nervous system, syncopates heart and mind, gently moves lymph and the creative juices.

Visual Art Creative Blend