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A Spagyric Tincture Formula of:
Linden leaf and flower, white rose petals, cherry blossoms, albizzia flower, borage and marshmallow root.

This formula is designed to bring ease, softness and gentleness to the heart – and one may also find that it brings a very light and floaty feeling of cheer and openheartedness. It contains linden and borage which trigger the vagus nerve to signal the rest of the body to secret fluid from the mucosal linings, this has a softening effect overall. White rose petals help to center one in a feeling of tangible oneness with the all, which is the heart’s highest natural resting place. Albizzia is Chinese medicine’s premier Shen tonic, the home of the Shen being in the heart, it a beautiful soft -almost fluffy- pink flower that helps one’s heart to feel safe and open in connections. Peach blossom brings a touch of sweet beauty to it all, helping shift one’s perception into greater appreciation, gratitude and joy with all around.
Body wide this formula will tend to have a cooling, moistening effect though peach blossom and white rose may help to mitigate any excess build-up of fluids. It will have a general relaxing effect on the nervous system body-wide.


*Please note that Spagyric tinctures are a step above normal tinctures, requiring more steps in preparation that create a greater potency medicine affecting the body on more layers and with less chance of side effects.

A Softer Heart