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Aphrodisiac for her:

A Spagyric Tincture formulation of: Damiana, Schisandra, Red and White Rose, Marshmallow and Jasmine.

Planetary Rulers: Venus, Moon, Sun

Damiana the aromatic vine who’s unctuous, floral yet earthly scents will bring you into a blooming of every sense. Damiana is a nerve opener, it contains some molecules that relax the nervous system, and others that can simultaneously awaken and invigorate the body into greater feeling. Damiana has an affinity for creating this sensual expansion around the pelvic region as well as the heart, chest and throat area, also encouraging blood and fluid flow there. Schisandra is known as the great harmonizer, and according to TCM it enters all the meridian channels of the body nourishing the blood and kidney jing (procreative essence). This berry invigorates with its sour and aromatic properties, whilst also helping the mind and heart to come into the present moment with its astringent properties.
Red and White rose weave together to smooth and sooth the vasculature, and the nervous system, creating clarity and calm in the heart and senses… with some expansion and joy in there too. Marshmallow root is a demulcent herb, meaning that it encourages the body to hold on to water and then encourages the vagal nerve to trigger fluid secretion in the appropriate places… emotionally it helps to bring one into secure softness, rooted in the flow one could say. Jasmine helps to slow time down, as it is slightly hypnotic, the nerves are relaxed and the senses opened… it is indubitably a sensuous herb.  

Aphrodisiac for Her