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Magic Minerals Mix

A Spagyric Tincture formulation of: Horsetail, He-Shou-Wu, Gotu Kola, Codonopsis, Atractaloydes, Atlantic Kelp, Plantain, Dandelion, Nettle Leaf, Bee Pollen, Essence of Comfrey, All 12 Cell Salts, Indium 49.


This blend contains a potent collection of mineralizing herbs; herbs and Indium 49 that aid in the assimilation of minerals; all 12 mineral cell salts; and bee pollen that helps the body to achieve correct mineral balances.

Horsetail is a mineral rich herb that contains high amounts of silica – up to 35% of the plants dried weight. Silica is important for many bodily functions, and it also directly improves the absorption of other minerals. He-Shou-Wu is one of the premium herbs for harvesting the ‘qi’ of the earth, it’s volumous roots are typically harvested after 15 years when they are laden with minerals, particularly zinc and copper. This herb also helps the kidneys to build the blood. Gotu Kola encourages the body to send minerals to the right places with the ability to strengthen hair, skin, nails and gut lining, whilst also improving joint and ligament elasticity and strength. Codonopsis, is another rich root, its sweet taste indicates its suitability for nourishing the severely depleted, improving bioassimilation, with one study showing that codonopsis enriched 61 different biological processes, including improved: responses to iron ions, cellular responses to copper ions, cellular transition metal ion homeostasis, transition metal ion homeostasis, and response to metal ions – it is good to note that codonopsis can also aid in heavy metal detox. Atractaloydes helps to improve ‘spleen qi’ which is TCM’s way of saying that it improves the ability of the whole digestive tract to absorb the nourishment of food. Atlantic kelp is most obviously mineral rich, as denoted by its salty, mineral, almost metallic taste, it contains high amounts of iodine, boron, iron, manganese and a vast array of amino acids. Plantain is somewhat akin to Gotu Kola in its lining and strengthening abilities - it contains high amounts of calcium and zinc. Dandelion and nettle leaf are both time trailed mineral absorbing weeds, being known as ‘bioaccumulators.’ 15g of Bee pollen contains 23% RDI for magnesium, and RDI’s of Iron at 37%, Zinc at 79% zinc, Copper at 36% copper, and manganese at 85%. It also contains cobalt (Co), selenium (Se), molybdenum (Mo), and boron (B), noting that all its minerals and trace minerals occour in highly bioavailable forms. This formula also contains Indium49 which is said to be critically important for mineral absorption by many passionate biologists… and the formula also contains all 12 cell salts from a 75 year old cell salt culture.


Magic Mineralisation Mix