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A Spagyric Tincture Formula of:
Hawthorn, Motherwort, Ashwagandha, Borage and Yarrow

This formula is both grounding and expansive… it restores a firm feeling of calm and strength to the heart, physical and emotionally, as it contains a number of leading heart and cardio herbs. One could describe the feeling as emboldening, and also as steadying… restoring a natural kind of confidence that arises when the heart leads the way – the mind being enabled to take a back seat where its’ analytical functions can be put to calm and fruitful use. Hawthorn leads the way in this formula, it is noted for its ability to strengthen and grow heart muscles, being indicated for the elderly whose heart musculature often atrophies with age. This herb also restores faith in life after situations that have traumatized the heart. Motherwort comes in a close second, its’ latin name being ‘Leonurus Cardiaca’ loosely translating to ‘Heart of the Lion’… it is incredibly calming and stilling for the nerves that interact with the cardio system, being very effective at mitigating heart heat and agitation. Yarrow is known as ‘master of the blood’ in a few herbal traditions, being a very effective blood cleanser, and blood vessel strengthener; this herb helps one to eject the belief systems of others that have trampled or crushed a love of themselves and life, returning strength and freedom to the heart. Ashwagandha is one of Ayurveda’s top restorative herbs, bringing fortitude and power body-wide but mainly in the cardiovascular system… it is also grounding for the nervous system, helping to build a strong connection between the heart, gut and mind. Borage is known as being a herb that ‘restores courage’, it does this primarily through building vital fluid with the adrenal/HPA axis (the one that controls rest and digest/flight and flight), though it’s moistening effect will extend to the heart and help to nourish tissue there too.

*Please note that Spagyric tinctures are a step above normal tinctures, requiring more steps in preparation that create a greater potency medicine affecting the body on more layers and with less chance of side effects.

A Stronger Heart