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Combination formula of 7 Spagyric Tinctures
Planetary rulers: Venus, Jupiter, Moon

Adrenal fatigue may indeed arise from under-functioning adrenal glands, but of course, the adrenals sit above the kidneys (the renal glands). It is interesting that adrenal fatigue is often called ‘burn-out’, when the kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering blood and initiating diuresis (the watery flushing of excess waste via urine). For the very fact that the adrenals sit atop the kidneys, being the yang to the kidneys yin, a good adrenal restoring formula will thus nourish the kidneys. There are some link’s between adrenal faituge and low-iron, low iron alone can cause feelings of fatigue, so this formula also helps build iron levels in the body. On a more chemical level adrenal fatigue typically occours through the continually high production of cortisol -to balance an excess of adrenalin- whereafter the adrenals falter in their ability to produce such elevated levels of cortisol. 

Liquorice is probably the best place to start in regards to nourishing the adrenals. It is cortisol sparing - it helps the body to retain cortisol by reducing the activity of 11-ß-HSD which turns cortisol into inactive cortisone. Glycyrrhizic acid is therefore said to boost adrenal gland function, which in turn enhances stress resistance. Liquorice was also shown to increase DHEA levels, DHEA is considered the ‘mother hormone’ being responsible for the production of many hormones that increase feelings of strength and vitality. DHEA is typically