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Aphrodisiac for him:
A Spagyric Tincture formulation of: Tribulus, Red Rose, Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto, Jasmine & Peach Blossom

Planetary Rulers: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Moon

This rousing formula is led by Tribulus, the thorny fruit that’ll make you a horny beaut… in all seriousness it’s a powerfully testosterogenic herb that also nourishes the nervous system and helps to distribute energy body-wide, tethering volatile yang to enable a love creating experience that is more stable and more powerful – locking jing in. Red rose comes next, and it features in the ‘aphrodisiac for her formula’ in an equal amount, intended to unify both lovers from their heart space, it also takes the sharp edges off the nervous system and any liver tension that may mess with the moment. Nettle root is another Testosterogenic herb with the unique to bind to SHBG and therefore free up testosterone to increase free testosterone up to 70%... this herb bequeaths to one a very strong but well rooted ‘can do’ attitude. Saw Palmetto is a herb that is excellent for prostate health and relaxing nerves ins the thighs and buttocks; emotionally it helps to mature ones desires, helping them to evolve beyond being skin deep, to take and drive us deeper into the moment. Jasmine is an excellent herb for making love as it has this uncanny ability to slow time down, enabling us to become serenely present in the here and now… it opens the heart and the senses enabling a more beautify making experience. Peach blossom helps to soften our exterior whilst enabling smoother blood flow to keep things hard that need to be, it encourages playfulness and a free spirit.

Aphrodisiac For Him