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Astragalus membranaceus
1:4 Ethanol/Mead/Distilled H2O Spagryic Tincture of dried, organic Astragalus root , with purified salt principle added.
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter 
NOTE: This spagyric contains mead, which accentuates the sweet warmth of Astragalus and adds mead's medicinal value, but may cause troubles for those with Bee product allergies!!! 

Physical Effects*:
This sweet woody root, known as Huang Qi in TCM is a truly embracing herb – said to be the most powerful immune stimulating herb known. It can feel deeply affirming and invigorating in its qi (life force) nourishing propensity, bolstering the spleen, increasing digestive assimilation and protecting the liver.  The herb is adaptogenic, it can: increase the amount of red and white blood cells; resolve cancer by increasing interferon counts and potentiating interleukin activity 10 fold; and it stimulates immune cell capturing capacity (phagocytosis). It is found to be warming by most, encouraging healthy sweating that is indicative of a strong aura, it can also reduce unhealthy sweating that is caused by wandering yang energy by consolidating the exterior (aura).

Emotional/Spiritual Effects:
On an emotional and spiritual level Astragalus marries our creative potential with our physical capacities to manifest this potential. Huang Qi is a typically classified as a Jupiter or sometimes Sun herb, because of its deep warmth and benevolent vibrations that firmly push us to dance with our path of creatorhood. In finding deeply meaningful reasons for being and interacting with the world our immune system may thus grow strong in its interaction with the world. In the Herbal Tarot Astragalus takes the position of the Magician due to its truly dynamic energy, the wise bearded wizard who still moves like a young man owing to all the Huang Qi he’s eaten over the years… learning thus to channel his creative energy with appropriate discernment and timing so as to be nourished in return by life itself.