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Blood and Lymph Cleanse
Intended to flush toxins (bacteria, metals, foreign bodies, dead organic matter etc) from the whole body via the lymph and blood (will be excreted via the skin, urine and excrament). 
Note that it is meant to be taken for a maximum of 5 days because it contains Echinacea root which is most effictive in short periods of use - the formula has an indefinite shelf life and can be kept for later use. 

Recommended Minimum Dosage:
15 drops 3 times daily (can take more or less depending on intensity of need).

15ml lasts around 5 days
30ml last around 10 days
50ml lasts around 20-30days
100ml lasts around 60-80 days

Dandelion Root and leaf: Strong blood purifier, increases strength of liver, encourages diuresis (urination) to remove toxins, moves lymph. Promotes beneficial bacteria in gut via inulin and FOS. High in minerals and vitamins. Boosts immune system.

Nettle Leaf: Promotes purification through diuresis. Cleans, cools and strengthens/builds blood. Increases kidney efficiency which further aids diuresis. Stimulates lymph, liver and spleen. Promotes correct use of proteins by the bodies tissue which reverses stagnation in the tissues.

Sarsaparilla Root: Stimulates metabolism, particularly liver. Filters toxins and promotes their removal by triggering endotoxin release from cells, relieves stagnation in blood and liver.  Improves function of liver.

Chickweed: Cools and cleanses liver (hottest organ in the body) and kidneys. Promotes diuresis through kidney optimization.  Gently moves lymph.  High amounts of chlorophyll cleanse blood and liver, promoting the passing of toxins. In many ‘spring tonics’ to help shift lymph, blood and bowel stagnancy that winter can create.

Orange peel: Helps dissolve hard masses in the body, and congestion in the lymphs. Promotes diuresis. Scavenges free radicals, removes toxins from the blood. Promotes correct use of proteins by the bodies tissue which reverses stagnation in the tissues.

Echinacea Angustifolia Root: Optimizes macrophage immune cells in the lymph to bring out more toxins. One of the true ‘antiviral’ herbs. Immune stimulant. Famous for its use as an emergency blood cleanser in the case of snake bites. Highly antibacterial, antiallergenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

Parsley: Parsley dilates the blood vessels and lowers the BP as it contains high contents of nitrates which improves blood flow and enhances the blood circulation in the whole body, increased circulation means increased detoxification. It also flushes the kidneys and liver and improves their function.


Blood and Lymph Cleanse