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Stellaria media
1:1 Ethanolic Spagryic Tincture of fresh, wildcrafted Chickweed, with purified salt principle added.
Planetary Ruler: Moon 

Physical properties:
Chickweed is a cooling demulcent, thus this spagyric could be added to skincare products in for the purposes of cooling eczema, soothing psoriasis, speed the healing of cuts and wounds, and/or decrease any other forms of itchiness and irritation. Chickweed cools and cleanses the liver and kidneys; it can help reduce forms of eye irritation (ophthalmic); and it encourages menstrual and milk flows – with all this internal fluid pulling and capacity and skin moistening ability, Chickweed is of course thus a moon herb. It is also a very mild expectorant, a laxative, and it’s cooling properties are seen again in its anti-rheumatic (joint soothing), and refrigerant (whole-body cooling properties). It’s moistening, laxative capacities make it applicable for those who are suffering from piles, and/or constipation due to dehydration or a system that is too hot to retain and utilize enough fluid for digestion. I deduce that it would be useful in reducing asthmatic symptoms as asthma is a hot/dry/aggravated state.

Spiritual/emotional properties:
At night time, older chickweed leaves fold upwards to protect the younger shoots, it is thus useful herb for shielding little ones who are prone to getting worked up in overly-stimulating situations. Whilst chickweed pulls together wounds and sores on the physical level it is also potent for bridging emotional disconnects, particularly where fiery encounters have taken the life and pleasantness of out a connection that was once agreeable. Chickweed is a strong embodiment of the maiden archetype, she will aid you in finding the quiet, peacefully, yet potent and deep perception necessary to peer in to your own inner world, and the inner world of others in order to be able to understand the deeper workings and desires that need to be returned to and worked with in order to go beyond surface frictions and tensions.

Allies: Marshmallow (for returning to a more peaceful heart and soothing the body), Lemon Balm (for enabling feelings of peace where overstimulation is occouring).

Avoid if currently experiencing damp/dry symptoms such as a winter cold or flu.