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Bentonite, White Australian Kaolin and French Green (Illite) Clays:
Clays have been used for centuries as a way to safely remove toxic heavy metals from aqueous solutions [1,5]. Clays have shown strong capacities to absorb metals such as lead and mercury in across a range of aqueous solutions – with varying levels of temperature, salinity and more [2,5]. There have even been tested conducted, proving the efficacy and safety of using clays to remove toxins from children [6].
Clays carry a negative charge that attracts toxins which are nearly always positively charged. One may be concerned that one may lose important minerals from the body, by detoxing with clay, however, the clays contain an abundance of minerals which further help the body relinquish toxic forms of metals and minerals it may be holding. Furthermore, clays carry significant bacteria and parasite killing capacity, it has been shown that the highly motile metal groups found within clays overwhelm outer membrane regulatory proteins of bacteria and then cause reactions within bacteria cells that kill the bacteria [3,4].

Organic dandelion root powder: Included in this blend because of Dandelion’s ability to cleanse the lymphatic system (where many toxins are stored), promote the secretion of bile which then promotes excretion of fecal bound detox waste, and also bind to and aid the elimination of spike protiens [7]. Dandelion is a diuretic which will promote excretion via the kidneys and urine.

Organic Dong Quai powder: Included in this formula because it will gently warm digestion which will help to balance the cooling properties of dandelion and clay, and it moistens the intestines which will help with the passing of detox matter.

Powder weight per cap 0.65g
Ratio of ingredients:
Bentonite 23%, French Green Clay 35%, White Australian Kaolin Clay 17.6%, Dandelion 8.5%, Dong Quai 8.5%.
Clay % 75.6%
0.65g x 0.756= 0.5g clay per cap.

Recommended minimum dose = 3 caps 2x a day (first in the morning on an empty stomach, second between lunch and dinner).
Or 1tsp powder 2x a day  (first in the morning on an empty stomach, second between lunch and dinner).


Recommended maximum dose = 3 caps 3x a day.

1week minimum, 2 week maximum ingestion period.
6 caps a day x 7 days = 42 caps.
6 caps a day x 14 days = 84 caps.

Clay Detox Capsules