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Custom Tea Blends 

Recommended usage: 1-2 Tbsp per large mug. 

This product page is for custom tea blends that you may be purchasing with your custom formulas. 
The tea blends serve as an adjunct to the tinctures, and whilst not being as refind or direct as the tinctures they are an effective way to get certain herbs into the body in a bulk way, which may be necessary for some herbal actions or aims, such as detoxification through diuresis, lining the stomach, increasing lymph flushing etc. 
You will need an infuser or some way of gently warming the herbs (do not boil) and then straining them,. 
Simply putting them in a pan and then seiving the liquid to remove the herbs will work just fine. 

It is recommended that one makes a large amount at the beginning of the day, then after letting it steep for 5-10 mins, bottling it up in a flask to drink all day. 

Custom Tea Blends


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