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A Spagyric Tincture Formula of: Cinnamon, Rhodiola, Red Rose, Motherwort, Angelica, Hawthorn, Rhodiola and Rosemary*. *Rosemary prepared in honey spirits.

This formula invokes the heart of a lion in a powerful way! It is a formula that fuels one to get up and get it, with a strong balance of personal power and drive, and also care for the pride of people around you. It sets the flame ablaze in one’s heart with warming cardiovascular tonics like rosemary, angelica and cinnamon that strengthen the blood, and dilate the vasculature for greater blood movement. Hawthorn has a profoundly resolving and nourishing effect on the heart itself, whilst rhodiola with its blood red colour acts as a steady endurance fuel to keep one’s system ticking along nicely – being the Nordic adaptogen that it is. Red rose ensures that the power and drive being created by the aforementioned herbs, is aligned with and arising from clarified, heart centered desires.
Motherwort is a nervine herb with an affinity for the cardiovascular system, as such it acts to release any possible tension being created by the energy and stimulation that the other herbs bring.
This formula is generally warming, though red rose, motherwort and hawthorn help to bring some cooling, with that said it may need to be avoided by people that suffer from heat symptoms. Try our, ‘Stronger Heart’ Formula for similar amounts of hearty courage, but with cooler temperature herbs.

*Please note that Spagyric tinctures are a step above normal tinctures, requiring more steps in preparation that create a greater potency medicine affecting the body on more layers and with less chance of side effects

Heart of a Lion