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Humulus lupulus

1:16 Brandy based Spagyric of organic hop flowers, with plant salts added.
Planetary Ruler: Mars

Physical Properties*:
Hops can be used to balance symptoms of fire within a person who is overstimulated, it can treat nervous tension, insomnia, restlessness, neurodegeneration, indigestion, cramps, cystisis, fever, allergies, rheumatism, worms, pulmonary tuberculosis, coughs, acute bacterial dysentery, and headache. It contains a significant amount of plant estrogens that correct delayed or minimal menstrual flows that are due to estrogen deficiencies, it is also said to treat hardness and swelling of the uterus. Hops also contain 8-prenylnaringenin that can reduce vaginal dryness, and improve menopause symptoms such as hot flashes,  bone loss, and reduced sex drive.The hairs on the flower buds contain lupulin that is hypnotic, sedative and increases the flow of milk for nursing mothers. Hops are a bitter that stimulate and strengthen digestion by increasing gastric juices and other digestive secretions (ever notice why yo