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Iron Formula 

For one experiencing low iron, and/or anemia. 
2 Versions (one for pregnant women is without rhemmania).
Recommended usage: 15-20 drops 2-3 times a day shortly before meals (after is also acceptable, but less prepared). 
Like all herbal and supplemental forms of iron this formula is intended to be take as a tonic, that means: consistently over long periods of time (at least for 2 weeks). It is technically impossible to recieve sufficient amounts of iron from herbal supplements alone, so please consume this supplement along with a regular diet, or a diet high in iron. The herbs and cell salts in this formula will awaken your bodies ability to absorb and utilise iron correctly - noting that iron is fairly abundant on the earth and in our food chain (everything absorbs it),  and it cannot be destroyed during cooking, so most people actually recieve sufficient iron through their diet. However, much of the time when people have tested positive for 'low iron' it means their body is storing that iron in the tissues and not holding it in the bloodstream where it is most useful and where the tests are taken from. This formula refreshes and revitalises the blood and other associated organs so they may collect and utilise iron correctly. The herbs themselves contain vitamin C, copper and other enzymes necessary for iron absoption as well as relatively high amounts of iron. See further details on the individual herbs below. 
We recommend also dosing with copper and magnesium supplements for best results. 

He-Shou-Wu: This herb is extremely high in iron and zinc, containing up to 10x more of these elements that many other herbs, it is said to harvest and store the ‘chi’ (physical life-force) of the earth like no other plant. He Shou Wu’s ability to gather in and concentrate minerals so effectively lead to nourishing the blood in a steady but very deep and strong way. It is also very harmonizing for kidney function, where some blood building occours.

Yellow Dock: The herb contains high amounts of biochelated iron that is readily absorbed by the bodies cells, it also contains enzymes and compounds that help release stored iron in the liver. On top of this it also contains high amounts of vitamin C which help with the absorption of iron. Yellow dock also helps to tonify weak tissue in the intestines which helps the body to harvest nu