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Tilia spp.
Ethanol/Distilled H2O Spagyric tincture of dried organic Linden leaves and flowers, including fixed sulfur plant salts. 
Planetary ruler: Sun (with a little Venus).

Linden/Tilia Physical effects*:
As with a few remedies attributed with having Solar correspondence, Linden has a diverse range of effects that could easily place it under correspondence with other planets, in its case Venus and Mercury. Mercury because it has expectorant, nervine, antispasmodic, hypotensive effects. Venusian in its ability to open the pores, soften the skin, vasodilate and promote diuresis (passing of water). Yet its yellow flowers, digestion and hysteria calming properties, ability to ease heart palpitations, diaphoretic action, and elevating sedative effect in combination with these other properties make it quite a sunny herb. It is effective in treating colds, nervous vomitin