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Menstrual Cycle harmoniser. 
Combination formula of 5 Spagyric Tinctures for women with or without endometriosis to balance hormones, strengthen the uterus and build blood. 
Planetary Rulers: Venus, Moon. 
Plants involved: Red Sage (cool, drying), Peony (bitter sour), Raspberry (cooling, drying, astringent), chaste berry, (peppery), rhemmania (sweet)

Red Sage:  to move blood and clear stasis. Will help clear hard masses formed outside of womb area. Stops formation of scar tissue that occours with endo.

White Peony –White Peony has been shown to support healthy progesterone production, reduce excess androgens, and it can effectively modulate estrogen and prolactin. White peony reduces blood stagnation and nourishes blood. Which can inadvertently reduce spasm caused by deficient blood.

Raspberry leaf: Raspberry leaf to establish the boundary of the womb, provide minerals to nourishes blood and also ease nerve spasm. 

Chasteberry: Raises progesterone levels, decreases estrogen, thereby reducing the endo symptoms as it is an estrogen dependent condition. Strengthens capillary walls in lower abdomen/pelvic area which may ease heaviness of flow.

Rehmannia: Rehmannia’s anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties may benefit women with endometriosis. Rehmannia has also been shown to help reduce the formation of free radicals. As such, it can help to prevent some of the oxidative stress that is thought to play a part in the etiology of endometriosis.

Cell salts: 
Calc fluor 6X – scar tissue, connective tissue health
Silicea 6X – scar tissue, connective tissue health
Nat Mur – fluid retention, fluid distribution

Recommended Minimum Dosage 10 drops twice daily (can take more or less depending on intensity of need).  
15ml bottle should last 15-17 days
30ml bottle should last 28-35 days
50ml bottle should last 40-60 days
100ml bottle should last 80-120 days
Equivalent cost per day $1 - $1.20

Menstrual Cycle Harmoniser