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Verbascum thapsus
1:5 Brandy based spagyric tincture of organic dried aerial parts of Mullein, with plant salts added.
Planetary ruler: Saturn/Mercury

Physical properties*:
Mullein is prolifically purported to be a premier lung restoration herb, and these claims are indeed accurate, though its effects range throughout the body in a very tangible way. It can clear the lungs with expectorant constituents, but it is also mildly demulcent meaning that it can sooth lungs that are irritated by illness (i.e tickly, dry, sore coughs), or by environmental pollutants like smoke. In the lungs mullein moistens, strengthens and relaxes tensions of the alveoli and bronchial tubes. It may be useful in alleviating persistent coughs, so long as they are not excessively wet, or with heavy phlegm. So to it may alleviate dry hacking coughs, whooping coughs, and it contains anti-viral properties which make it remedial for colds, flu and sinusitis. Mullein has a gradual gentle detoxing and restorative effect in the lungs that can be particularly useful in recovering from respiratory illnesses, smoking habits or pollutant exposur