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Pine Bark
Pinus Pinaster Ethanol/Distilled H2O Spagryic tincture of wild harvested pine bark, with purified salt principle added.

Physical Effects:
All pine trees contain oleo-resins, the concentration of which is higher in warmer climates such as the one these trees grow in. Turpentine composes about 20% of the total oleo-resin content, the molecule is rubefacient, vermifuge, antiseptic and diuretic. Pine bark also contains a number of antioxidants: phenolic acids (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory); catechins (anti-IBS, stabilises intestinal lesions, promotes proliferation of health gut bacteria, activities Glutathione); epicatechin (increases muscle growth and strength, increases endurance, improves heart and brain health, regulates blood sugar); procyanidin B-2 (anti-inflammatory, promotes hair growth); taxifolin (hepatoprotective, anti-diabetic, cardioprotective, antitumor, neuroprotective effects, and anti-inflammatory effects, anti-Alzheimer’s).
Please note that this medicine is quite strong, thus the recommended dose is quite low relative to other spagryic tinctures SGM offers (4-6 drops 2-3 times a day) - this balances it's higher price, which was determined by the challenges inate to preparing pine bark. 

Emotional/Spiritual Effects: The noble pine tree, just and devout, it promotes the correct allocation of resources in one’s life to accelerate expansion and growth in a deeply sustainable way. Resilient and hardy, pine fortifies us to dedicate to the long haul, guiding us to rise above our perceived limitations and any obstructions that arise in our path. When we sit amongst the pine trees, wind blowing through their needles, great peace and calm is found, they instruct that giving time and space to let love guide our ways, thoughts and words, is the way of mastery. The pine helps us to structure our life and our internal world so as to make room for and draw in our true purposes. Thus, pine can be particularly useful for those who have many inspirations but struggle to arrange their life to bring those inspirations to fruition, it’s piercing qualities will help shed stagnancy that can arise from feelings of overwhelm, or taking on too much.

Cautions/Contraindications: Auto-immune diseases" such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Pregnancy and Breast-feeding, bleeding conditions and those undergoing surgery, Hepatitis. Pine bark should not be taken by those on immunosuppressants.

Pine Bark