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Rhubarb Root:
Rheum officinale
1:1 Ethanol based Spagyric tincture of fresh, organic Rhubarb root, plant salts added.
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Physical Properties:
Rhubarb Root is commonly used to drain heat and treat pain caused by inflammation. It contains chemicals that can be classified as stimulant laxatives, and it is thus a common ingredient in many a weight-loss formula. Rhubarb root can be used to break fever, ease profuse sweating, reduce bloating and constipation, manage bloody stools, ease endometriosis symptoms, and it contains several components that can heal cold sores.
It is an apt remedy for those suffering from hemorrhoids, enabling them to strain less during bowel movements which subsequently means less pressure and tension in the rectal area, reducing the likelihood of anal tares and fissures. It has also been clinically proven to cure vaginitis and vaginal infections.
It is not recommended to use this Rhubarb spagyric tincture for more than 3 weeks at a time.

Emotional/Spiritual Effects:
Enjoy the lightening of the load that occours with this plant, both physically and mentally. One can feel that heaviness caused by overthinking, fear, confusion and more, is drawn down into the knowing of the rest of the body. Rhubarb is, elementally speaking, a very earthy plant, and thus it may be beneficial for those who are prone to be floaty or flighty due the aforementioned overthinking, fear, confusion and more. On a deeper level it may be apt for those who find the physical experience or even the witnessing of the physical experience of human living confronting and/or depressing. Rhubarb encourages a certain coalescing of awareness, leading us stop running from the human experience and instead devise how we can create an environment that is more nourishing and harmonious for all.
In this way it encourages pragmatic thinking and a disciplined approach, whilst also enabling a flexibility necessary for overcoming setbacks that we may encounter along the way of creating this more