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1:1 Spagyric Tincture of Salvia officinalis based in Ethanol and Distilled Water, with this plants' salt principle added.
Planetary correspondence: Jupiter & Mercury.

Physical Properties:
Sage is a powerfully tonifying herb for the digestive system, it has astringent properties that tighten up lax tissues where necessary, this could be beneficial for some people experiencing acid reflux as this condition can be due to a weak (lax) cardiac sphincter. This astringency may also help with nauseousness, particularly nausea caused by travel or pregnancy. Its’ tightening, drying properties extend further to being able reduce excess sweating, excess lactation, and/or salivation. It is a vasodilator, being a stimulant or driver of blood. It’s pungency and volatile oil content can be useful for colds, flus, bronchitis, sore throats and other afflictions of the respiratory system, where it can kill bacteria and help to get mucous up and out – or just dry it out. It may heal ulcers of the throat and the mouth. Sage is an excellent appetite stimulant since it is both pungent and warming (hence increasing digestive fire) and it is bitter, hence improving bile flow.

Emotional/Spiritual Properties:
A grounded mind. Wise and discerning… what is it to be a sage? To know one’s capacity, and to honour that, to let the subtle current of self-love run strong below the surface of all of ones actions, thoughts and deeds. Sage is the wry smile at the edge of the old wizard’s lips, or maybe your grandfather’s lips. Time has told them, and sage many things and whilst they will share those many things with you in detail, at the end of the day the one thing they have learnt from all of those little and large things, is that love governs everything. Sage helps to pull us back into alignment with that knowing, in an embodied way. We know… we begin to know that actually all is good…and with that knowing comes a clearer mind, a wiser mind that is more discerning because it is less clouded by fear, or the need to figure EVERYTHING out. Sage lets us learn because it frees up mental hard drive space…