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Spagyric formulation of: Motherwort, skullcap, passionflower, lemon balm, Linden, Elderflower.
This blend is designed to release the restless sleeper (or non-sleeper) from the tensions, intensity and fire of the day into a cooler, calmer state whereupon drifting into sleep is only natural. Skullcap, motherwort and lemon balm provide cooling through their bitter principles, lemon balm being an excellent herb for releasing liver tension, the liver being the hottest organ in the body. Elderflower helps to open the pores and release heat in this way. Passionflower is a strong GABA activator, which helps the mind to unwind from relentless thinking. Linden is a lightly cooling, moistening herb that helps to bring a refreshing feeling to the body. All the herbs in this formula hold nervine properties, which help the nervous system to relax.

Sleep Sedation - Cooling


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