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Sweet Sensuality

Spagyric Tincture Formulation of: Peach Rose Petals, Damiana, Cherry Blossom, Saw Palmetto, Jasmine, Marshmallow Root and Cardamom.

Move sweetly into one’s body with this blend, designed to relax, open and expand the senses for solo use or for embodied times involving others. Peach rose sets the tone with it’s soft, playfully coloured petals inviting one into a more luscious state of being. Damiana follows with its’ gift of fine tuning our awareness to the physical needs of that moment, be they those of ourselves of those of others – this herb contains many relaxant properties yet it also stimulates the nerves to open, and it also vasodilates allowing for more blood flow (and passion flow). Cherry Blossom adds some almost vanilla notes, encouraging one to return to their joy de vivre, inclining out of the hardness of productivity focused mind states. Jasmine really helps to slow the moment down, so easy it is to let passions race, yet through Jasmine one finds the slower moments are just as full of passion as the racy ones.  Marshmallow helps to lubricate the moment with its mucilaginous properties, literally softening and hydrating the skin from inside out. Cardamom adds a touch of smooth fire to the situation bringing invigoration to the sacral region.

Sweet Sensuality Formula