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1:3 Ethanol/distilled H2O Spagyric tincture of Tribulus terrestris with salt principle added.  
Planetary ruler: Mars

Physical properties:
The spikey ‘fruits’ of this plant contain 15-60% steroid furonstanol saponins. It also contains protodioscin which remedies genito-urinary problems and can increase testosterone by up to 30%. This herb is spicy, bitter and warm, which may sound like a combination to get things charging along, but in reality, it actually anchors excesses of fire (yang) in the body and soothes energy flow throughout – this can be felt in a sweet aftertaste which comes along later. Untethered yang (volatile fire) can cause dizziness, headache, vertigo, blurred vision, hypertension in the cardiovascular system and a bitter taste in the mouth. It is soothing for the liver, which may help ease symptoms such as fullness (without eating), distention in the chest, insufficient lactation, and irregular menses. It is an excellent herb for clarifying swollen, red, itchy, teary eyes that may be overly sensitive to light. Tribulus may also relieve itchy conditions such as eczema, skin lesions, vitiligo, and/or neurodermatitis, which may be occurring along with blood deficiencies. Tribulus is perhaps most popularly know as a sex-aid, being reported to increase sexual satisfaction, libido, desire, and lubrication in women. For men it is said to help manage erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Tribulus may also help to reduce pain and inflammation, fight cancer. Kidney stones are also another ailment Tribulus is particularly useful at remediating.

Spiritual properties:
Generally speaking our modern society suffers from an excess of yang, that is to say: volatility, over-competitiveness, a rapid pace of life, domineering relational dynamics and more. Tribulus helps us to realise where we are being brought into states of tension, fire and aggression that are unnecessary and wasteful. This herb helps to take the ‘fight’ that is going on around us and place it outside of our being, then we are free to discern areas of inner conflict that are causing us to contribute to the excess of unhelpful yang prolific in our modern world. On the flip-side Tribulus will help fortify those who have relinquished their warrior spirit because they have seen or been in involved situations of conflict, aggression, argument etc, in a way that caused them to mistrust the fire element. These people may be suffering from weak boundaries of not being in touch with what they really want – being the type to be ‘walked over.’ This thorny herb will help such people to pick up their sword again,  to begin speaking the truth, being self-affirming, an