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Ocimum Sanctum tenuiflorum

1:2 Ethanol/Distilled H2O Spagyric Tincture of organic, dried Tulsi aerial parts, with purified salt principle added. 
Planetary Influence: Jupiter


Physical Properties*:
Tulsi, or Holy Basil, as it is known in the Ayurvedic Tradition, is definitely somewhat of a herbal holy grail. It’s diverse range of properties may make it worthy of being dubbed an ‘adaptogen’, it relaxes spasms, eases pains and headaches, fortifies the heart protector, and strengthens the nervous and immune systems, making it applicable for those feeling states of stress and overwhelm. Whilst, on the other hand the herb is aromatic, pungent, digestive and warming, making it applicable for people experiencing states of sluggishness, stagnancy, and bloating that may occour from low moods, and/or the over-indulgence that some engage in to escape from their low moods. It is a useful herb for treating cold, flus, respiratory issues and infections, in that it induces perspiration to sweat out the disease, gently expectorates to shift toxins from the lungs and  it’s essential oils exhibit antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal, actions that either limit the spread of pathogenic bodies, or kill them entirely. Tulsi is also anti-inflammatory, serving as an aid for those with rheumatic pains and/or arthritis. Tulsi may also help to lower blood sugar levels.

Emotional/Spiritual properties: