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A Spagyric Tincture Formulation of: White Rose, Red Rose, Schisandra, Damiana, Jasmine, Licorice, Cherry Blossom, Nasturtium

Come weave serpentine with these herbs to move eros from root to mind. Red and White Rose dance as the centerpiece of this formula, entwining through and centering the formula in the heart.  Schisandra berries bring their enlivening vibrancy to retain and nourish the vital fluids, whilst aiding the mind to come into single point focus (like a snake about to strike). Turnera diffusa (Damiana) encourages the other herbs to diffuse into all of the body and open up both the cardio and nervous systems for greater vital flow and acuity. Jasmine enables us to create beauty free of times hold, weaving with heady potency just as the floral vine itself. Licorice is the quickener, helping Damiana to move all the other herbs throughout the entire body, and on the spiritual level help us to conduct spirit into, through and out of ourselves with greater power. Cherry blossom moves us into the perfect balance of reverence and playfulness allowing us to channel the energies with both freedom and respect of the all. Nasturtium is a potent plant when it comes to sacral power, its leaves that hold the water symbolizing the appropriate retention of vital fluids, its sweet yellow, orange and red flowers symbolizing the flourishing of the fluid and its’ peppery taste denoting the invigoration of the whole process. Come weave with all the flavours.


Weaving Snakes