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White Peony Root
1:3 Ethanol/distilled H2O Spagyric tincture of Paeonia albiflora with salt principle added.
Planetary ruler: Moon.

Physical effects:
Peony is indicated for blood nourishment, for both men and women, though it specialises in nourishing aspects of the blood and hormones that stabilse and regulate a woman’s menstrual cycles, her fertility, transitions through puberty, and menopause. Peony is a cooling, bitter herb that has an affinity for reducing hypertension and cardiac abnormality, especially in individuals who tend towards, anxiety, frustration, and extreme or long winded periods of anger. The actions of this herb include: analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic, adaptogen. It can be remedial for dizziness, swollen tissues, headaches, nightmares, melancholy, fainting, pain, liver stagnation, anemia, menstrual pains, hormone imbalance, irregular periods, childbirth, cleansing after childbirth, stomach pain, lower back pain bladder infections, urine cleansing, and kidney issues. It contains volatile and fatty oils athat are nourishing for the nervous system. Some studies have found peony to contain phytoestrogens (different to toxic xenoestrogens) that are structurally similar to estrogen, the primary female sex hormone, and they act like estrogen in the body. Peony has been used to treat anxiety, depression,